Thursday, December 18, 2008

24 hours later...

Julia Grace's fever finally broke this evening while she slept somewhere around 7 - about the time it started spiking last night. We took her to see Dr. Thomas today (who is awesome by the way, but he's leaving Spartanburg in January). She has an infection in her left ear and she's having her chest x-rayed tomorrow just as a precaution. She was breathing really shallow earlier in the day. She woke up about 7.30 and has been flying around ever since. She's wired! And why shouldn't she be? She's only slept most of the day away.

I'm glad she's feeling better even if she is starting to destroy the living room again in ways only a toddler can. I love her so much and I hate to see her not feeling well. Daddy has to administer the antibiotics for the next 10 days because I'm allergic to it. Julia Grace has a habit of buzzing her lips when she doesn't want to take medicine and I got some Motrin on me today from her doing it. Not taking chances on getting hives or anything before Christmas. I just want everyone well for Christmas!