Monday, December 1, 2008

Stuff we've been doing...

It was a good, long break for Thanksgiving. Mallory was here from Wednesday to Sunday and we had a blast! We spent time with our Asheville family for Thanksgiving on Wednesday through Friday. I came back home and went to the midnight sales at the mall with Jayne and her sister, Jessica, and Riley Pig and Greyson. Got back to Asheville about 5 a.m. so I stopped in at the Toys R Us there and thank goodness I got what I got quickly and got out - their electronics department looked CRAZY! What I got was in a dump bin so I snatched them up and got checked out in less than an hour. I got to bed at Mamaw's about 6 a.m. and up for the day at 10 a.m. The girls had spent the night with Tracy's Mamaw and he had come home after playing video games with the cousins. I was the only one not in bed at a decent hour but it was fun to get out and go shopping!

Mallory's best friend Madison came over for the evening and spent the night with us. They had a blast - they drew pictures with Tracy, we had Fuji for dinner and the girls did each other's hair and nails and stayed up late with a karaoke game Mallory has. We also made sugar cookies and Mallory and Madison threw flour at each other. I wish now that I'd gotten some pictures! Tracy and I made the girls a big breakfast and they played karaoke some more. Then we went to Hobby Lobby and got some fleece to make Madison a blanket like Mallory's and they got an origami kit. They didn't get far with that. We made tie dye tshirts and they watched a movie until Madison's dad got here. I think we all were pooped by then!

Mallory and I went out for the evening with Jayne and Jessica. We had fun and went to eat a yummy (late) dinner at Ruby Tuesday's. We slept in on Sunday and met Philip (Tracy's bro) and Adrienne (Tracy's neice) at Chuck E Cheese for the afternoon. We had 113 tokens left from Julia Grace's birthday party and various CEC playdates. We don't have 113 tokens left anymore. In fact we have none - Julia Grace liked smacking the moles on the whack a mole thing and trying to catch bees on the honeybee game. She learned to put the tokens in the machines the right way too. And, as usual, she was mesmerized by CEC show and Veggie Tales on the screen. She also chased Chuck E to the dressing room and cried when the door was shut. Mallory tried to stop her but wasn't entirely successful. Julia Grace crawled over to the door and threw herself down and had a hissy because Chuck E was gone. Too funny!

Today Julia Grace and I were home alone while Tracy travelled to Hayesville, NC. For those that don't know, it's in western NC in the mountains above Georgia and awfully close to Tennessee at the same time. He has some beautiful pictures of the snow. He didn't think he'd make it there - he was behind a snow plow at one point. The ground of the home he visited was covered in snow. It was still falling while he was taking pictures of it from the outside. Julia and I had hot chocolate (yup, she likes it) and watched movies and I printed some coloring pages for her. I started on one with her and printed out a word find for me that she scribbled on instead! I hope to get them scanned so you can see them because it's just too cute. She is so smart in so many ways but she worries me so by NOT talking to you. Yet she can tell you what letters and numbers are and say the alphabet and count to 10. And colors quite well to be only 2 years old. We had ziti pasta with meat sauce for dinner (yes I made the meat sauce - it didn't come from a can) and she ate until her belly was pooched out! She is finally sleeping!

I'm excited about it being the first day of December. I can't wait for Christmas and all the teachable moments it will bring along the way! I love everything about Christmas and what it's true meaning is! I hope that what we instill now stays in their hearts always!

I'm going to go snuggle up with the Eclipse, the third book in the Twilight saga. Angie is letting me borrow the fourth on Friday. She and Jayne are dying to talk about it and I'm not done with them yet! I've seen the movie twice now and it's awesome. Jayne and I thought about seeing it a third time but hubby might think that a bit excessive. :) It's a great series - definitely go read them!