Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Road Trip to McDonald's...

No, not really. But, that IS what we tried to tell Mallory. Too bad she can read and it spoils surprises. :)

Actually we had work to do on Monday in Rutherfordton, N.C. So... we took the girls with us. We got to the house we were visiting and Mallory kept asking questions. What does it look like? What color is the building? Can we see it from here? Have I been to it before?

We went to McDonald's after the house. We got to the red light and we're waiting to turn and said well, that's it. We brought you all the way here to eat at that McDonald's. She said no you didn't. You're not serious.

Then she seriously says: Dad, I saw a sign that says children's museum. Is that where we're really going? There went the surprise - but it was only one red light up from there so she was about to see it anyways.

We took the girls to KidSenses museum in Rutherfordton. I hadn't ever been before although MOMS does do field trips there. Tracy and I pass it quite a bit when we're going through the area for work and have actually been in the little town once a week for the last month. The girls loved it! I was afraid without having checked it out before that it would have been a little "babyish" for Mallory but she had a great time. I got some good pics of the girls and Tracy got several of me on their "teleprompter" that for some reason didn't pick up the color of my hoodie, but did on all the other shirts. It made me appear to have floating hands and head. The employees and the girls really got a kick out of that!

It was a great little road trip that took care of work and let the girls have fun too!
And... Dad got a new listing about 6 this evening in where else? Rutherfordton. Looks like we'll be going back soon!