Monday, December 8, 2008

more to come...

Last night, I finally started wrapping Christmas presents while Tracy and I watched a movie (yes, an adult one - not PBS or cartoons) after Julia Grace went to sleep for the night. I have lofty aspirations of getting all that I have purchased wrapped by the end of this evening and putting bows on them by Wednesday. I also am setting a target date of the tree being up by Wednesday. I'll let you know how that goes!

I did get a great start on my hat with my knitting ladies. I hope to finish it soon - I'm taking pictures of my progress! So far I've made 2 scarves - one for me and one for Mallory. The hat is for my mom unless it's way funky when I'm done. we'll see - it IS a first venture.

I did get MUCH of my Christmas card list made - rounding out the addresses that have changed/been misplaced in the last year. We're starting to get cards in the mail - I really like that!

AND... Tracy's envelope I mentioned a bit back held much promise but I'm still not sure I'm allowed to share with those he hasn't told personally. I'm so excited for him! Things are going well! I'll let you know if he allows me to post it to the "interweb" as he's so fond of saying.

I'm off to work on dinner (Chinese Pork Ribs - not sure how this will taste - it's a new recipe!) and go get some errands done before people get off work and get out Christmas shopping and whatnot.

Later taters!!