Wednesday, December 31, 2008


This blog is 2 things. One, it is my 100th post - wow, when I started I had no clue it would get here this fast! Two, it is the last of 2008.

I won't lie - 2008 can go. It's been a rough year in many ways, but at the same time, I cherish all the family moments we've had. Julia Grace is getting so tall - still weighs 28 1/2 lbs since March - and she's just hitting all kind of milestones right and left. It's hard to keep up with it all. She's so loving, feisty, and silly. She's really begun to talk a lot in the last month. Today, Tracy was fixing a plate for dinner and said Julia I'm fixing a plate. She said Plate! He said is this a good thing? Sure!
She's really gotten into coloring and drawing on her chalkboard. She tried to drink the water while doing paint with water so I'm not sure we'll attempt that again for a bit. I think tomorrow since Tracy and I are both home with nowhere to be the first of the day, we may try finger paint. Julia Grace has really gotten into the Wiggles and Elmo as well as maintaining her interest in all things Curious George. We're really looking forward to taking her to Elmo LIVE in 2 weeks. :)

We were going to have a Grandma & Grandpa visit and then traditional New Years dinner with Nana & Papa. Grandma & Grandpa cancelled their visit because they were coming to visit us and my sister's grandmother, Granny. Granny and I were both under the weather so they thought my mom shouldn't chance it (I have a cold and a random fever off/on last 2 days). Mom is doing well with her treatment and she has a sore mouth and throat. She is wearing her wig all the time now, but it's hard to notice if you don't see her often. It looks very much the color of her normal hair - just thicker (she had naturally thin hair) and a little longer. Please continue to pray for my mom - she will have another set of scans on Monday, January 5th. This is a little past the halfway mark of the 18 week chemotherapy treatments. She had good results at Thanksgiving for her 6 week checkup. I am so glad she's still doing well this far and they're even going to take a trip this weekend to Charleston from Friday through Sunday since they had a long weekend.

We will still be having dinner with Nana & Papa. Nana is off all day and Papa is working. Tracy is going to Asheville to play football with his cousins for a few hours in the afternoon but will be home for dinner as well. I am looking forward to black eyed peas and greens. Nana is the only one that eats those things like me. My grandmother was sweet enough to fix greens just for me this past weekend too and sent home leftovers. I love it - however, Mallory and Tracy have always told me they stink and even begged the Cracker Barrel waitress once to tell me the kitchen was out of them so I wouldn't order them.

On another note, Mallory broke her wrist at her mom's house this week. Tracy told her one day she'll have a normal birthday but not this one. Mallory has been sick so many times on her birthday - once even in the hospital. Even last year, Tracy had to go pick her up from school because she threw up in the classroom on her birthday. Poor gal! She will be getting a cast on Friday.

While I think the things I won't miss from 2008 are obvious (if they aren't, you can ask me privately), I am hoping for better in 2009.

I pray that my mom will continue to feel better and do better.I know that she won't ever be 100% well unless that is what God has chosen for her. I hope that Mallory will have a new year free of any accidents and that it may be everything she hopes it will be. She deserves a good year. I hope that Julia Grace continues to do well - she will be 3 later this year and it just doesn't seem like she should be! I hope Tracy's career path continues to do well and that several things come to fruition this year. And me, well I can always be a better me. I've got things I'm working on too.

I hope everyone has a Happy New Year! I'll post again later with Christmas pics and let you know if we attempt the finger paint.

Happy New Year everyone!

Happy Birthday again Allison! :)