Thursday, December 18, 2008

pray for Julia Grace

It is earlier than I am usually awake. Julia Grace has had a fever all night long. She fell asleep while I was cooking dinner around 7.30/8 last night. She woke up later and we could not get her to eat and I noticed she was really warm. I took her temperature and found that it was 103.2. I gave her Tylenol and called our doctor's office. He suggested I just watch her since we weren't seeing any other immediate symptoms. It got up to 104.7 about 2 a.m. It was 103.2 again at 5.30. I gave her Motrin and I'm just waiting. I had been giving her Tylenol before now. She just got up and came in the living room and is actually talking in the dark. She's saying it's good it's good. I'm not sure what's good. I'll let you know if she lets me know!

Just pray that she feels better today and the fever is maybe a fluke thing and no doctor visit. Grandma is supposed to be coming for Christmas this weekend and she can't be around sick people. I'm not sure how that is going to work out anyways given that my brother in law, my nephew and Mallory are all on antibiotics right now.

I'll keep you posted - hope everyone feels better soon! And that I don't get it!