Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Dickens of a Christmas

Last night we took Julia Grace to Dickens of a Christmas. I really can't remember if I had ever been before (I think so many moons ago when I was at Converse College) and Julia Grace hadn't ever been.

Mental note: Make sure Julia Grace has a loooong COMPLETED naptime and her snack BEFORE you go.

She got quite grouchy waiting on the Christmas tree and ate all of her goldfish and was mad that they were gone. She didn't like her fingers being cold either. I couldn't get her to keep her hood on and I didn't even attempt mittens. I know better.

The Christmas tree was supposed to be lit at 7.30 and wasn't until more like 8.15. The music was good for the most part and the tree was beautiful once lit. Julia Grace giggled and smiled when it was lit. Mesmerized.

She also liked watching the Christmas carolers and brass quintet to the sides as we were walking. It was good to see people out that we hadn't seen in a while and we saw several people from church. Mallory was there with her mom and Richard so we saw her briefly too.

I really liked it and I think we'll continue to go back. Everything was so pretty and I really liked the spirit of the night.

We had a really nice, late dinner at Sake (japanese and sushi) afterwards. We walked down there and getting out and walking like that felt great! Julia Grace ate hibachi chicken, teriyaki chicken, her daddy's rice and some wonton noodles. Oh... and Daddy introduced her to Coke again. She drank some from his straw tip for a bit but then decided to buzz and shake her head no after a bit. Still not sure if that means she likes it or not. We'll see. And I got brave and finally tried some of Tracy's sushi. Not just the california roll, the real stuff. I think he said it was tuna. It was really good. I just had to finally push out of my head that it was raw fish and try it. I'm glad I did but I don't think it will be something I order much.

We got in the car to come home about 9.00 or so and Julia Grace fell asleep in the car and never woke up until this morning. She slept for almost 12 hours so I know she was plum tuckered out! She is relaxing in the recliner with her milk and Cheerios and a movie: Elmo's World Happy Holidays. She's so cute! :)

Gotta go get ready for today - it's jampacked too!