Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Julia Grace is the proud owner of shiny teeth with NO cavities! She didn't smile like the proud owner though until they gave her ice cream. Yes, you read that right - Dr. Muncy's office now gives them ice cream after their visits right there in the office! So... She picked out a little football from the toy bin, got a red Winnie the Pooh toothbrush to replace green Piglet, and a little goodie bag of flossers, toothpaste and a pink timer for brushing her teeth. She did scream through much of the mouth cleaning and poking but dried up rather quickly and was somewhat friendly as we were leaving. They said they thought they saw a future actress budding there, at least with the horror movie screams! In all fairness, she only screamed when they were messing with her mouth. Hey, I'm grown and I don't like it either. She was good otherwise and didn't throw things or pull hair or anything. I'm almost feeling brave enough to attempt the next visit without Daddy for backup. Almost. HA!

She's taking a nap and her daddy is going to parent observations at Mallory's dance studio this afternoon. Then as long as all goes well I think we're going to take her somewhere for the evening. Not sure if we're going to see some Christmas lights or what. We went to Chickfila for lunch and so she could play on the playground, but that didn't happen because someone was sick on the play area and the workers were cleaning it. She was sleepy after eating so that worked out well anyways.

I'm glad Julia Grace had a great checkup with the dentist - not that I thought she wouldn't but you never know. I'm glad we have such a great dentist's office to take the kids to visit. It really makes all the difference knowing your kids like the atmosphere and so do you and that they work with you on anything your children need. They're great and I highly recommend them to anyone - Pediatric Dentistry on the Parkway - you know, the ones with the bald, badly singing guy in ads. :)