Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Eve 2008

The Little People Nativity scene - I didn't get it out until Christmas Eve. I have been trying to tell Julia Grace who they are as she points to them. She just mainly likes making the Angel play music so far.
The girls' stockings - Mallory's is on the left and Julia Grace's on the right. Mallory picked hers out when we first moved into our house almost 4 years ago! The dogs are for Mallory and the monkey and Madeline for Julia Grace.

Haynes Family Christmas tree 2008 - mostly decorated by Mallory with special effects by Daddy.

Julia Grace and Makenzie play with a Christmas tree decoration and Jordan's dinosaurs.

More dinosaur play!

Mallory receiving her presents from Mamaw.

Julia Grace running all through Mamaw's house like a wild child!

Julia Grace would come running at Mallory and take a flying leap to knock her over. I think Mallory was letting her! Either way they had fun!

They both got Littlest Pet Shop coloring books from Mamaw. Mallory loves Littlest Pet Shop and Julia Grace seems to think that because it's "little" it should be hers. It's something they both like though so that's kinda neat!

We had made Mamaw a gift basket of goodies for Christmas - Julia Grace took one of the apples and started eating it. It was a huge apple as you can see!

Mallory is loving on Papa!