Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The kids had a BLAST!

The Locker area of the "fire department" - this place was too cute! This is looking at the upstairs of the museum from downstairs...

Again, Mommy got the wrong thing for Julia Grace this year - I started to buy trains and didn't. She was quite engrossed in this Melissa & Doug train set.

Mallory is serving up her Daddy some lunch at the Mi Pueblito Cafe (mexican restaurant in the area sponsored that one).

I love it - Mallory actually posed for this on her own before she "climbed" downstairs. They call it a FUNctional sculpture that the kids can pass from one level to the other.

Yes, that IS my head atop a building between some flag posts. Weird.

Here are my floating arms and head and me being silly. I didn't know he snapped this one!

Mallory is checking out the television studio!

Daddy's giving Mallory some plastic - better hope it's good!

Mallory practicing her scanning techniques. It really made the grocery store scanner noise when you passed it over the square.

Julia Grace and Mallory load up on their veggies at the Little Family Dollar (that was the sponsor).

Mallory is checking out nobody at the Little Family Dollar.

The kids are in the giant firetruck - what kid doesn't like a firetruck? This one had all the whistles and bells too. They didn't put them on but there were boots and firefighter coats too.

Today's show : Mallory!