Monday, December 8, 2008


The Chinese Pork Ribs were good. And gone. Even Julia Grace ate them and loved it. :)

Tomorrow Julia Grace goes to the dentist. She has been once this year and it was met with mixed reviews. Mixed as in I LOOOOVE this waiting room and I love this balloon, but she did not love Dr. Muncy checking her teeth nor did she like having her teeth cleaned. But, she did like the new green Piglet toothbrush they gave her afterwards. I had to hold her in my lap and pin her arms so she quit clawing at them as they did their job. I think it's Tracy's turn to hold her back instead of watch this time!

I went window shopping for some family Christmas presents this afternoon. It's a tight budget this year and I'm trying to spend wisely - more so than any other year. It's been weird to hear people talk about this as I've been out as well. I heard someone passing by me talking about how they'd really scaled back this year and weren't doing cousins presents. And Best Buy was not humming as much as it usually is this time of year - I expected a crowd. I was just checking out some things for Tracy and the kids, but didn't buy anything. Maybe that's what everyone else was doing in there too - except for that loser that wouldn't let anyone else on Rock Band the whole time I was in there. He had a crowd around him playing the drums on it - hey buddy, I think they want a turn on that thing! No kidding - he played 5 songs straight and was sitting there when I walked in and was sitting there when I walked out of there too.

I didn't make it to visit my knitting ladies today. I did get my home phones fixed - AT&T must have done something from their end because I called the repair line and voila - two hours later, no static on the phones thus far. It's been nice to hear conversations without sounding like an AM radio with no station is being adjusted on the line as well.

I am going to get back to cleaning the kitchen and figuring out my next monstrosity for dinner. Kidding - got a roast thawing but the freezer is wearing thin! My sister told me I was being awfully domesticated. I'm not sure how to take that since she only bakes and cooks box meals. Tomorrow is a busy day and I have lots to do this evening as well. I'll keep you posted and hoepfully have some pictures to share by tomorrow as well!
Good night!