Monday, December 29, 2008

New stuff...

I am really not feeling the blog thing tonight so I'll keep it short. Maybe.

I am worn out from Christmas but it was such a blessing to see so many family members even if it was crammed into a short span of time. We still missed seeing a few family members and we still have friends to spend "Christmas" with - Jayne and Angie. I'm not sure if we'll get to see Jayne this weekend as anticipated - I know she's worn out with working and travelling - we may be sending a package to Canada instead and see them later in 2009. I'll know better by the end of the week how she's feeling with travelling. Riley Pig and Julia Grace have matching monkeys they got for Christmas - he has the boy monkey and she has the girl monkey - that would be a great photo-op!
Angie and I have some scrapbooking times planned this weekend, but I think we're trying to wait until Mallory is with us to exchange gifts with them. Mallory's 9th birthday is coming up on Sunday and I know Tracy has some Daddy/Mallory things planned for the evening.

I have gotten to see my mom the last 2 weekends. We travelled yesterday to Red Springs, NC (far far away) to have Christmas with Gigi and it was a great afternoon together. I got to wear my new outfit my mom and dad gave me for Christmas. I was so proud to wear it! I wish I'd thought to have a picture made. You see, I have lost 17 lbs since the first of August and I hope to continue with the trend. The pants and the sweater were both a size down from what I've been wearing. I think my mom is tired of me fooling with that same pair of blue jeans and khaki pants - they both fall down as I walk. In fact, at home, I've made them laugh by walking right out of my pants just to be silly. But I digress... I do have a photo of me in my baggy blue jeans from the rear, but no one wants to see my butt. Really. They don't. Except. Well. That doesn't count.

It was a great Christmas and so wonderful to have Mallory over for the first time ever on Christmas Day as well as Christmas Eve all day too. I really enjoy having her here and I love how she likes to create things - be it in the kitchen or art-wise. I hope she really enjoyed being with us on Christmas Day and that it was all she thought it might be. I think so. I slept on the couch and I opened my eyes and there stood Mallory with wide eyes looking at all the presents under the tree. I said you can't touch a thing until your sister gets up too. The next thing I know I see Mallory carrying a very sleepy Julia Grace to the recliner and sitting her in it, saying She's awake - see? Too cute - I have a pic of Julia Grace in the recliner. She looks like what just happened to me?

I am going to go to bed. Julia Grace got the Aristocats for Christmas from Gigi (along with some books and Wiggles DVDs and Here Comes the 123's cd/dvd). The movie is now over and that little girl still hasn't conked out for the night. She didn't even finish her nap earlier - the phone kept ringing (same person over and over- grrr!). C'est la vie!

Good night everyone and I will post pictures from Christmas Eve and Day later!