Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas with my family...

Julia Grace is all tuckered out from Christmas festivities and snuggled her Grandpa's arms.
Julia Grace is taking Hailey on a stroll...

into the walls and stairs at my sister's house!

Julia Grace is taking Hailey on a very bumpy stroll.

Mallory is a "dog person" in case you missed that memo. :)

Yummy! My mom and Julia Grace - Julia Grace is getting a play kitchen for Christmas from us but obviously she doesn't know that yet. She got a chef hat, apron, and oven mitts from my parents.

Mallory got the American Girl movie collection! So guess what we watched when we got home Saturday night? You got it!

Josh is looking pretty good - He's leaving to go to work at CVS/Pharmacy.

Here you go, Hailey - sit in your stroller like a good girl! Julia Grace even tried to buckle her into the stroller.

Amber and Julia Grace check out Hailey.

Grandma helping Julia Grace with her new baby doll, Hailey. Grandma picked out a doll that sucked it's thumb like Julia Grace did.

Grandma & Grandpa gave her the Wiggles' new DVD - You Make Me Feel Like Dancing. She kept turning it over and looking at it.

Julia Grace kept swiping everyone else's presents and trying to stack them like blocks. Those are her bowling pins (set) from Grandma & Grandpa.

Amber gets a copy of Grandma's favorite recipes in a binder - look out Paula Deen!

Dad, Julia Grace, Amber, Mom, Mallory, Josh - it's so hard to get everyone to look at the 3 different cameras taking pics! :)

We celebrated Christmas early with my parents and sister's family this past Saturday. I am uploading a few pics from that day. It was great to see my family and to finally see my mom. We haven't been able to coordinate seeing her since October between various holidays and Mallory, Julia Grace and I were all sick on separate weeks with separate contagious illnesses. She looks well and as always, is in good spirits. It was a very merry visit! :)