Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Nutcracker was Awesome!!

Mallory and I saw the Nutcracker with Ballet Spartanburg last night and I must say it was amazing! The scenery was beautiful and everyone performed so well! I think we both thoroughly enjoyed the performance. It was very professional and the scenery - I just can't say enough - you really felt like you were in the story with the snow and it was just amazing. I told Tracy he needs to come with us next year. I think he'd really enjoy it and I think he thought it was going to be a super girly thing because it was a ballet performance. I would love to have a copy of a performance - it was that good!
Mallory picked out a Nutcracker during intermission and then we picked out a Christmas ornament for her and one for Julia Grace. We also entered the raffle for the 5 foot tall Nutcracker but they don't draw for that until Sunday.
Mallory's best friend Madison was in the performance as a toy soldier in the first act but she left after her part so we missed her! She did a great job as well! We saw some other people we knew and met someone new on the way in - we kept running into a lady and her daughter coming, going and at intermission and while Mallory was getting autographs. The world is too small - it turns out the lady is a teacher at Roebuck and had made Mallory a princess hat at the fall festival.

Afterwards, we went to Barnes and Noble and had a drink and snack (I am telling you the Peppermint Mocha Twist is all kinds of yumminess!). We then walked around looking at books, picked up our magazine that we get some of our craft ideas from each month, and Mallory showed me all the things in the B&N Jr. department that she'd like to have. It's a good thing I hadn't shopped too much for her yet because she threw me for a loop with some of the things she told me she would like to have right now. Some of it I knew she'd pick but some other things I didn't expect and she was very "ehhh" about American Girl stuff. That was really surprising!

Tracy had gone to the office Christmas party. I think he enjoyed himself. We didn't get a chance to talk long - I know they had turkey and dressing and drinks and a DJ and apparently our boss, Bob Shelton did some karaoke. I apparently missed a good show with the Christmas party. It couldn't be helped - I had the Nutcracker tickets since the first week of October as soon as they were on sale and I couldn't swap them. I think we all had fun. Julia Grace spent the evening with Nana and Papa. They watched Frosty, Frosty Returns, and she fell asleep during a movie that was called the Flight of Christmas. She apparently finally chatted in front of Papa. She had found an old Barney book about numbers that belonged to one of the other grandchildren and named every number in there! She is SO smart! They said she liked the letter 'E' and the number '9' the best.

I think we all had a great night and it's a great start to our weekend!